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All of Creighton’s House peer-support services are offered at no cost to the individual or family. Our meetings and events aim to bring awareness, education, hope, and recovery to our community.

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Family Recovery Meetings

Description Coming Soon

Date & Time TBD: 857 Coleman Blvd. Suite D, Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464


Family Recovery Coaching

A family recovery coach is a trained volunteer in sustained recovery who serves as a mentor for individuals seeking or maintaining recovery. Recovery coaching works to remove barriers and obstacles to recovery by offering strengths-based support, encouragement, and guidance.

Call (843) 620-1568 for appointment.

Explore Local Recovery

Mothers’ Gathering

A safe place for mothers who are coping with their children’s substance misuse disorders.

Tuesdays at 4:30pm: 857 Coleman Blvd. Suite D, Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464

Surviving Family Meeting

Grief Support

Beginning in November 2020.

Coming Soon: 857 Coleman Blvd. Suite D, Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464

Watching someone you love battle rehab and recovery is an exhausting, frightening, tenuous experience. Unless you have lived it, you will never fathom the depth and breadth of the havoc this disease wreaks on a family. Having other mothers that are walking or have walked that walk has provided invaluable support, emotionally and spiritually. This group provides a safe haven, a place for raw, genuine emotions, because “addiction” is not a word, it is a reality. In a word, this group is a “lifeline.”

That is good information and I appreciate the truthfulness. It’s so hard to navigate!

God bless you in the work that you do and thank you for being here just to let me talk it out.

Thank you so much for everything y’all do on a daily basis and thank you fir your help with us. We definitely appreciate the meetings and support.

Nanci and Nate I cannot thank you both enough I just told Sam that Donnie just told me they are leaving in the morning for Georgia you guys are amazing, fast acting, real angels on earth!! Thank you for all you do and for helping us so far away without hesitation and with actual caring and kindness! God bless you all!

I have my son back. This is the absolute best day of my entire life.

Thank you again for everything. Your support is a God send and I’m grateful for you, the family support and WakeUp Carolina.

You’re not confusing me and I appreciate all you’re willing to do to help us! It IS way too hard and goodness we need more people to guide more families like you all.

Thank you so much. You all are such a guiding light for me, my daughter and I appreciate you.

On a positive and appreciative note, and as a sister still coping and trying to navigate a world without her older brother who lost his life to addiction to opioids, I thank you and your people and staff for this site and all the good vibes I feel every time I see your posts. Thank you for indulging my little bit of “control” in this uncontrollable world, and thank you for all you’re trying to do to keep another sister from mourning the loss of a brother.

My heart is full I cannot thank you guys enough.


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