Your teenage years are supposed to be some of the best of your life, filled with friends, adventure, and figuring out who you are as a person. These years also come with several challenges as young adults attempt to begin managing their own lives. Unfortunately, experimentation with drugs and alcohol begins in the high school and college years. Creighton’s House is a non-twelve-step, peer lead, all-recovery meeting for young adults. The youngest participants able to attend this program are 14-year-old high school first-year students and the oldest are 22-year-old college seniors. This is a safe space for any young adult that struggles with any type of substance use. We also host a monthly Creighton’s House Night Out.


  1. The parent/legal guardian must complete this waiver prior to the first program or service attended by the participant.
  2. Potential participants must complete assessments with one of WakeUp Carolina’s gender-specific Recovery Coaches.
  3. After assessments have been completed WakeUp Carolina’s Recovery Coaches will contact parent/legal guardian and participants to inform them if they have been accepted into the Creighton’s House program.


  1. Participants must sign rules and guidelines prior to their first attended meeting.
  2. Participants must complete an intake assessment with a gender-specific Recovery Coach to see if Creighton’s House will be an appropriate fit for all parties involved.
  3. After assessments have been completed WakeUp Carolina’s Recovery Coaches will contact participants to inform them if they have been accepted into the Creighton’s House program.

All Creighton’s House meetings are facilitated by two WakeUp Carolina Recovery Coaches. Attendees start by doing a “check-in” where they discuss how their previous week was and any concerns or issues they may have regarding their recovery journey. After the check-ins, we move into the open discussion of the meeting where participants present recovery topics that they may be struggling with. If no topics are generated by participants, the group facilitator brings a recovery topic for the rest of the group to discuss. Some topics discussed are things like managing anxiety, coping skills, the importance of self-care, and communication skills. After everyone has shared about the designated topic, we will start our check-out process. Checking out consists of each member naming one thing they are grateful for, as well as one goal they want to achieve prior to coming back to the next week’s meeting. The group facilitators will make any announcements that need to be made before the meeting ends.

Creighton’s House has been able to assist many young adults in Charleston who now live substance-free. Support groups exist to provide peer-to-peer support, and to allow people to voice their experiences to others who can relate. Recovering from substance use disorder takes courage and determination, and it’s important not to underestimate that as you move through the process.

Building a support system that works for you may feel overwhelming at first. You may not connect with every group or feel like you fit in at every meeting. For this reason, Creighton’s House isn’t a part of any other associated recovery groups. You might discover that some people in your life may not be able to support you in the ways you need. Being open to change can help you focus on finding the right support system for your recovery process.

WakeUp Carolina is a 501c3 non-profit Recovery Community Organization. Our programs and services are supported by donations and grants, resulting in zero cost to our community. Although some of our services are provided by credentialed clinicians and recovery coaches, WakeUp Carolina is NOT an accredited substance use treatment facility. We operate as community advocates for those impacted by substance use.

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