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Trusted Partners

Our trusted business partners help us in the community.


Our volunteers help with anything from administrative duties to spreading awareness.


Our financial sponsors help to fund our services.


Our fundraisers are able to customize how they help those in recovery and purchase packages.

Where Your Donation Goes

97 Cents Of Every Dollar Goes To Our Mission

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I Want To Make A Difference


There are multiple ways to volunteer at WakeUp Carolina from behind-the-scene administrative roles to forward-facing spokespersons. Contact us and we will find the perfect fit for you!

Community Is Everything

Trusted Partners

Our trusted partners our priceless.

Contribute In Your Own Way

Community Virtual Fundraiser

Wake “Us” Up


Give Hope A Home Breakfast


We have a wide array of volunteer positions from behind the scenes to becoming a spokesperson or certified support specialist.


There are many unique ways to support our mission. Check out our options to get involved and make a difference in our community.

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