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Unity Recovery (Philadelphia)

All Recovery meetings are positive, non-denominational mutual aid meetings open to anyone. The meetings will be held on zoom and available to anyone to attend. You can join any day of the week at 9AM, 12PM, 3PM, and 9PM EST at

In The Rooms Meetings

In the Rooms is a global online recovery platform that hosts a wide variety of live recovery meetings. They have several fellowships of 12-step including AA, NA, Codependency Anonymous, Overeaters Anonymous, and Marijuana Anonymous. They also offer weekly She Recovers meetings, LifeRing, Women in Recovery, Recovery Dharma, Trauma and Recovery, Soul Recovery, and Life Recovery (Christian-based) meetings. Plus they just created a Coronavirus support meeting to deal with the stress surrounding the virus.

Laura McKowen

Laura is providing free virtual sobriety support meetings several times a week during our social distancing time. Register on her website

Carly Benson

Carly has created FREE Virtual Gatherings & Meditations During Social Distancing For Sober Peeps, also known as, THE Hangover Free Club! This is the place to be for sober peeps who are looking for a connection. These online gatherings are for people who are already sober and want help in maintaining their sobriety. They are open to women and men of all ages. 30 days sobriety is required. Register here

Virtual Bridge Club by The Tempest

Bridge Club is a virtual, community-led support group currently open to any individuals who are interested in sobriety and follow the group guidelines. Their mission is to empower individuals seeking connections to find and build meaningful relationships that support a sober lifestyle. Sign up for Bridge Club here

The Alcohol Experiment Community

You can join Annie Grace’s 30-day Alcohol Experiment which now has over 110,000 users for free by signing up here as well as join its accompanying Facebook group for support.

LGBT Teetotalers Face to Face

LGBT Teetotalers Face to Face are recurring social/support calls for folks who are queer, trans or questioning and sober, sober curious, or in any kind of recovery. These are not recovery meetings, they’re a space for people to get together, socialize, and support each other with other people who understand their experiences. Tracy Murphy has added additional dates and times for these calls due to Covid-19. Sign up

Sober Señorita Free Facebook Group

Join her Facebook group, check out her blog and website, and connect with other people on the path of sobriety:

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Notes from the Field: The Pink Cloud of Early Sobriety

Notes from the Field: The Pink Cloud of Early Sobriety

The pink cloud phase can be incredibly uplifting. It often reignites a sense of joy and excitement about life that may have been dormant for years. However, it is essential to acknowledge that the pink cloud phase is typically temporary.

Notes from the Field: Risks of Treating Laced Substances

Notes from the Field: Risks of Treating Laced Substances

The intersection of MAT administration and the presence of benzodiazepines or xylazine-laced substances highlights the need for tailored, vigilant treatment approaches. By addressing this challenge, we strive to enhance the effectiveness of MAT programs and, ultimately, contribute to a safer and more supportive environment for individuals on the path to recovery.

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