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Navigating Addiction Can Be Overwhelming
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Family Member

I have a family member who I’m worried about.

Recovering Misuser

I’m no longer misusing and need recovery support.


I have a friend who I believe needs help.

Community Member

I want to personally volunteer and help WakeUp Carolina’s mission.

Active Addiction Sufferer

I’m seeking help for my own substance misuse disorder.


I’m spearheading our corporate social responsibility efforts.

I’m A Family Member

Addiction Is A Family Disease

Whether you’re beginning your journey with a loved one suffering from substance misuse or you’re all too familiar with this path, it’s a highly emotional and stressful place to be. For newer pathfinders, we have an understanding Addiction 101 guide, and information about treatment options available for your loved ones. If you want to gain a little peace of mind, we offer overdose prevention training and distribute free Narcan. No one should walk this walk alone so please browse our various support services for newbies and veterans.

I’m A Friend

Lean On Me

Determining how to approach a friend who you suspect may have a substance misuse disorder is tricky and can be uncomfortable. We’ve addressed FAQs that you may be asking yourself on how to handle your situation. Additionally, we have opportunities for peer mentor training to support others your age who are coping with recovery. Have you heard of Alateen? You may be interested in attending and may persuade a friend to join you.

I’m Actively Suffering

Begin Your Road To Recovery

Congratulations. If you’re here, you’ve taken a huge step forward in your road to recovery. No matter what it took for you to land here, be proud of yourself. It’s not easy. We’ve gathered treatment resources about immediate help (24/7 hotline), detox and withdrawal management options, information about harm reduction, and our free Narcan distribution service. We’ve also explained and listed various types of treatment options in our area from inpatient to outpatient, medication-support (e.g., Suboxone), and ways to pay – or not pay – for treatment. 

I’m In Recovery

A Lifelong-Worthy Journey

Be proud of how far you’ve come in your journey. It’s a phenomenal accomplishment and monumental feat. We offer various recovery services from individual to group support, as well as Creighton’s House, a community center that provides a safe space for seeking and maintaining recovery. If you need more support in your recovery, we’ve gathered resources on local twelve-step programs, sober living facilities, and how to talk to your doctor about your healthcare.

I Want To Make A Difference

Become An Ambassador

We have a wide array of volunteer positions from behind the scenes to becoming a spokesperson or certified support specialist.

We Want To Get Involved

Help Our Community

There are many unique ways to support our mission. Check out our options to get involved and make a difference in our community through sponsorship, fundraising, trusted partnerships or participate in our Stepping Stones employment program.

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