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Once a month we host Creighton’s Night Out, which includes activities such as bowling, miniature golf, walking the bridge, movie & pizza nights, game nights, etc. If you are interested in participating, please contact us at (843) 972-8154 to inquire about specific dates and details.

Creighton’s House is a community center that provides a safe space to offer peer-support services, meetings, and training to people seeking and maintaining recovery. We believe in improving lives through hope, healing, and recovery. We provide a community of unwavering support, compassion, and love for individuals and families seeking or maintaining recovery from substance use disorders and providing a recovery-focused community where individuals and families affected by addiction feel safe, accepted, and supported while navigating the road to recovery.

Creighton’s House is a community of people gathering together to create an environment where individuals seeking recovery can receive unwavering support. Honoring all pathways of recovery; aim to empower those seeking recovery with the tools and support to successfully take charge of their lives, and enhance their physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental well-being.

Creighton’s House became a service provided within WakeUp Carolina’s Recovery Pillar in April 2018. June 2018 was the first all-recovery young adult Creighton’s House meeting. The meetings are held in space that we rely upon by community partners. It is our hope, that in the near future we will have a permanent location for the many services Creighton’s House.

WakeUp Carolina has worked very hard to build an unwavering, strong, unified team that believes in real community impact. An impact that is built around a solid mission and culture, talented people, and programs tied to proven and evidence-based models that are tailored to a community voice that speaks to what their community is lacking.

Creighton‘s House has been an amazing way for me to connect to my community. I have learned so many tools and have gained access to so many resources to help me cope with my addiction. As a young woman in recovery in Charleston, I thought it would be hard to make connections friends and to have fun sober. But Creighton‘s house has given me a place where I have found all of those things and so much more. It’s been a truly amazing experience for me to share what I’ve been through with others who can relate, in the hopes of helping someone along the way. Creighton‘s house is doing amazing things to bring awareness and help to our community and especially to the youth and young adults struggling with substance abuse issues. I am so grateful to be a part of such an amazing organization.

“I can’t even describe how CH has changed my life. When I got out of rehab they were the first group there for me. Very supportive and laid back and if I could pick one place to go to early sobriety CH would be my first pick.

Creighton’s House has provided me with a space to show up as my authentic self and speak candidly about what it’s like being a young person in recovery

“Thank you! My son left happy tonight and looking forward to coming back. We are so happy to find this group!

Who We Are

Our Team & Leadership

We work to demonstrate the power and promise of Recovery from addiction, and the value Recovery provides to individuals, families, and entire communities throughout the Lowcountry.

Rapid HIV Testing: Info, FAQs & Misconceptions

We offer rapid HIV testing. It is a very quick process that consists of a finger-stick blood draw, with results in as little as 60 seconds.

Fentanyl Test Strips: Info & FAQs

Distributing fentanyl test strips could reduce the risk of fatal overdoses in our community.

Testimonial: Narcan Gave Me Another Shot At Life & Recovery

I came from a great family, played sports, attended college… I was the all-American kid who turned into a broken young man.

Naloxone (Narcan) Info & FAQs Answered

Naloxone, most known by its brand name “Narcan,” is FDA approved as a medication to reverse the toxic effects of an opioid overdose.

Testimonial: Creighton’s House Was My Stepping Stone To Feeling Comfortable In the Recovery Community

Creighton’s House served as a stepping stone for me into the larger recovery community and it introduced me to a lot of awesome young people who love sobriety and recovery.

Creighton’s House Night Out

An opportunity for having fun through social, connected activities that focuses on the hope and healing found in recovery.

What Is Creighton’s House?

Creighton’s House has been able to assist many young adults in Charleston who now live substance free.

Testimonial: Siblings Group Made Me Feel Lighter

I have been able to grow and heal, and most importantly show up for my husband and our son.

What Is a Siblings Support Group?

The design of putting the focus on the sibling is because the last thing they usually get to talk about is THEMSELVES.

Testimonial: Mothers’ Gathering Taught Me To Not Be Ashamed

I came to the meeting to learn how to save my child but found so much more.

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