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Alcohol and substance misuse is still a significant problem in the U.S.

The food and beverage business is among the sectors where it has proven problematic. According to American Addiction Centers, 21% of workers in the sector report using drugs and/or alcohol often.

Following 82 overdose reports in Charleston County in February, WakeUp Carolina, a local charity, is working to get the life-saving medication Narcan included in the menus of local bars and restaurants.

The life of a restaurant is fast-paced and frequently stressful. Coping mechanisms for that stress can occasionally result in alcohol and drug addiction in the field.

“Food and bev is just another one of those high-traffic areas. There’s a lot of professions that we just don’t hear about as much, but we do hear about it in food and bev and we want to get in and share the Narcan training as much as we can with them,” said Brenda Nikic, family programs manager with WakeUp Carolina.

WakeUp Carolina is providing this training to local pubs and eateries.

“We have found that it is taking more than two Narcan to revive anybody. So it is always of utmost importance to dial 9–1–1 first,” said Nikic.

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