At our Mothers’ Gathering weekly meetings, we hold space to support all moms who have been impacted by their child’s substance use. Whether you found each other, gave birth to, adopted, or fostered your child, we all share our mother’s heart. Please know that you are not alone on this walk. We are all here to elevate and support you on this healing journey. Whether your loved one is in recovery, has no interest in recovery, their whereabouts may be unknown, or your person shines from above, we need to heal and have as many tools as possible to do so. We are here to help you build your toolbox.

  • Who Attends: Mothers of substance users
  • Who Leads: Brenda Nikic
  • Why: Discover support, unity, and resources
  • What To Expect: Conversations and real-life advice
  • When: Thursdays @ 4:30 pm
  • Where: 217 Lucas St., Suite G, Mt. Pleasant, SC, 29464

Having other mothers who are walking the same walk provides invaluable emotional and spiritual support. This group offers a haven, a place for raw, genuine emotions. In a word, this group is a “lifeline.” Our support program is a judgment-free, open-discussion format.

We start our meetings symbolically choosing to leave whatever is weighing heavily on our hearts by taking a colored stone from a cup being passed and dropping it in our large container. We share a daily reading from either Today A Better Way from FA or The Language of Letting Go by Melody Beattie. Mothers need to share their stories, but they cannot tell other mothers what they should do. Moms can only do what they are willing to do and accept. At the end, we choose a white/clear stone to represent a positive thought or feeling we want to take with us.

It has been shown statistically that a person in recovery has a higher success rate if a parent also attends their own support program. Whether you have words to share yet or not, come heal with us.

Mothers’ Gathering Night Out
Laughter and friendship are the best medicine. Once a month, moms from the Mothers’ Gathering weekly support meeting, get together after the meeting for dinner out at a local restaurant. Healing comes in many forms. Our nights out offer a sense of normalcy, even for a brief period, in what can sometimes be stressful times. The love and support of a mother’s heart are invaluable.

WakeUp Carolina is a 501c3 non-profit Recovery Community Organization. Our programs and services are supported by donations and grants, resulting in zero cost to our community. Although some of our services are provided by credentialed clinicians and recovery coaches, WakeUp Carolina is NOT an accredited substance use treatment facility. We operate as community advocates for those impacted by substance use.

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