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That 9/11 had 2,573 deaths? In 2019 with 72,000 opioid overdose deaths, it was like 9/11 happened nearly every two weeks. And as of June 30, 2020, opioid overdose deaths have risen 17% compared to the same time in 2019.

We are in unprecedented times and as a result, experiencing an unprecedented rise in requests for our services. Please help us in our virtual fundraising efforts to meet them.

Every single one of our services and programs is provided at zero cost to all. All services and programs are free solely due to donations.


Referrals to treatment/recovery housing resources

Treatments Scholarships given

Individuals served through Stepping Stones

Individual peer support/individual recovery coaching sessions

Greater community members served

Recovery service encounters within the greater community

Individuals served in 33 recovery meetings

Family members served in 16 meetings

Community members trained in Opioid overdose prevention & Narcan education and training

Narcan kits given to community members trained in Opioid overdose prevention



1 Nasal Narcan Unit: $75

1 Nasal Narcan Kit: $1.36 (1 Case, Set of Rubber Gloves, Disposable Face Shield)

1 Nasal Narcan Kit: $76.44

1 Nasal Narcan Case: $900 (1 Case = 12 Units)

12 Nasal Narcan Kits: $916.32


1 Linkage-to-Care Package: $100 (Toiletries & Feminine Necessities)

Storage Unit (Controlled Temperature):

Used Cell Phones:

Straight Talk Ultimate Unlimited Phone Cards: $55

1 Twin Sheet Set: $25

1 Full Sheet Set: $45

1 Pillow: $20



My name is Kristin. I was released from prison on the 1st of September of 2020. Stepping Stones made a tremendous difference and impact on my life from greeting me upon being released to driving me to Asheville NC where I now live. Also, making sure I had bed linen for the Oxford House I live in as well as making sure I had clothes and food to start my new life. Stepping Stones was truly a Godsend. I encourage each woman trying to live a life of recovery that needs help with absolutely anything to contact Stepping Stones. It was able to put me on the path to start a new life in recovery. Thank you.

Stepping Stones is a great organization. They have helped me with a peer support specialist who has given me encouragement in my recovery. They have helped me so much by helping me put the pieces of my life back together. I feel safe for the first time in a long time and hopeful for my future. Lindsey


Family Care Package: $65 (Family Recovery Book, Meal, Flowers)

1 Month of Meetings: $85

1 6-Week Family Recovery Book Study Group: $250



Watching someone you love battle rehab and recovery is an exhausting, frightening, tenuous experience. Unless you have lived it, you will never fathom the depth and breadth of the havoc this disease wreaks on a family. Having other mothers that are walking or have walked that walk has provided invaluable support, emotionally and spiritually. This group provides a safe haven, a place for raw, genuine emotions, because “addiction” is not a word, it is a reality. In a word, this group is a “lifeline.”

I have my son back. This is the absolute best day of my entire life.

God bless you in the work that you do and thank you for being here just to let me talk it out.

Thank you so much. You all are such a guiding light for me, my daughter and I appreciate you.


1 Month of Young Adult All Recovery Meetings: $120

1 Month of Young Adult Nights Out: $250

1 Month of Young Adult Opioid-Specific Recovery Meetings: $50



Creighton’s House has provided me with a space to show up as my authentic self and speak candidly about what it’s like being a young person in recovery.

I can’t even describe how Creighton’s House has changed my life. When I got out of rehab they were the first group there for me. Very supportive and laid back and if I could pick one place to go to early sobriety, Creighton’s House would be my first pick.



Medical Detox: $450 – $650/Day (3–10 Day Inpatient Detox)

Inpatient Treatment: $3,500 – $21,000 ($500–600/Day for 28–30 Day Program)

Partial Hospitalization Programs: $350 – $450 per day (3–5X Week for 6–12 Weeks)

Intensive Outpatient Treatment: $250 – $350 per day (2-5X/Week for 6–12 Weeks)

Sober Living Deposit: $150 – $1,800

Interventionist: $1,500 – $6,000

Family Specialist: $100/Hour


5-Day Training for 30 Individuals: $1,200

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WakeUp Carolina Grey T-shirt


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Rent: $1,500/Month

Utilities: $200/Month

20.4-Cu. Ft. Top-Freezer Fridge: $800

Office Supplies: $50/Month

Postage: $30/Monthly

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