I was introduced to the Dad2Dad group by a good friend. I had just gotten separated from my wife and I have a son who is in recovery that’s dealt with addiction for over 10 years.

During the first meeting, I felt at home and that I was in a safe space where the other men in the group could understand where I was without any judgment as I had with friends outside of the group that can’t understand the challenges we face.

My transformation into my best self was in part from the group and being able to share and support one another. I now do my best to not enable any relationship in my life and there are certain lines I refuse to cross to cultivate healthy relationships in and outside of my family. Being able to share openly and be supported was something I had never experienced before in other groups I’ve attended.

I feel that men typically are reluctant to share their thoughts and feelings based on their upbringing, that was the case for me and most men my age. If a man has a child that’s in active addiction or in recovery, this is the right place for you to open up, get some sound advice and help to establish clearer boundaries while allowing you to share with others going through the same challenges.

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