WakeUp Carolina is a community-based movement born out of one family’s heartbreaking loss of their son, Creighton, in the summer of 2016. Creighton’s family made a promise and a commitment to share their story in hopes no one would feel alone.

On that Sunday afternoon in July, Creighton’s family made a promise to him ‘that no one and no family should walk this walk alone’; little did they know they would be met by a community that wrapped their arms around them with unconditional love, support, grace and kindness; stretching across neighborhoods, counties, states and beyond.

Their community loved a young man who lived a vibrant life, raised by a loving family, and died as a result of his substance misuse disorder, while openly fighting to get his life and family back through recovery.

That loss, which initiated from legally prescribed opioids, cast a bright light on the larger crisis of Opioid misuse in America and the realization that this killer, along with other substances, thrives amongst us in our community. No community is immune, unfortunately as no person or family is immune.

As WakeUp’s founder arose to confront the killer, she was joined by a groundswell of support from others that were impacted and touched by her cause. That cause is now a movement called “WakeUp Carolina”.

In the Summer of 2017, Creighton’s brothers and sisters wanted to do something special in honor of their beloved older brother. Something that our community was lacking. One might honestly ask, how would a 15, 17, and 18-year-old know what a community is lacking? They knew that their brother needed a place when he returned home from rehab, something that would be a bedrock to help him with tools, resources, and other young like-minded people on his path in recovery.

In July 2017, Hollice, Jack, and Wheaton decided to give life to this need by sharing with family and friends… their vision for honoring their brother and the community they grew up in… Creighton’s House.

Creighton’s House is a community center that provides a safe space to offer peer-support services, meetings, and training to people seeking and maintaining recovery. We believe in improving lives through hope, healing, and recovery. We provide a community of unwavering support, compassion, and love for individuals and families seeking or maintaining recovery from substance use disorders and providing a recovery-focused community where individuals and families affected by addiction feel safe, accepted, and supported while navigating the road to recovery.

Creighton’s House is a community of people gathering together to create an environment where individuals seeking recovery can receive unwavering support. Honoring all pathways of recovery; aim to empower those seeking recovery with the tools and support to successfully take charge of their lives, and enhance their physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental well-being.

Creighton’s House became a service provided within WakeUp Carolina’s Recovery Pillar in April 2018. June 2018 was the first all-recovery young adult Creighton’s House meeting. The meetings are held in space that we rely upon by community partners. It is our hope, that in the near future we will have a permanent location for the many services Creighton’s House.

WakeUp Carolina has worked very hard to build an unwavering, strong, unified team that believes in real community impact. An impact that is built around a solid mission and culture, talented people, and programs tied to proven and evidence-based models that are tailored to a community voice that speaks to what their community is lacking.

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