Creighton’s House Night Out (CHNO) is a young adult, monthly night out through substance-free activities such as bowling, miniature golf, walking the bridge, movie & pizza nights, game nights, etc.

CHNO acknowledges all pathways to recovery, acknowledging that everyone’s path is unique and reflects their personal strengths. CHNO is an opportunity for having fun through social, connected activities that focuses on the hope and healing found in recovery and to connect with others who are initiating and maintaining a recovery lifestyle; finding heart, support, and fun with one another through lived experience.

Creighton’s House Young Adult Support Group members vote on what to do for CHNO at the first meeting of every month. Families will be emailed by the group facilitator once the outing has been confirmed for the month. Only current members of Creighton’s House are eligible to attend the Night Out.

Creighton’s House Night Out Enrollment

  1. Have Rules and Guidelines completed prior to the first CHNO attended.
  2. Potential participants must be enrolled in our Young Adult Support Group and attend meetings regularly.
  3. Must have at least one documented meeting with one of WakeUp Carolina’s Recovery Coaches.
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