Abby Foster, LISW-CP, MAC, will be facilitating WakeUp Carolina’s new support group, Living with Grief and Loss. The group begins on May 2 at our headquarters in Mt. Pleasant, and you can reserve your spot now.

After being restored through her recovery journey, Abby affirmed her life purpose, to bring a renewed inspiration of hope and encourage others to thrive. Abby began her work as a recovery advocate in 2015, speaking for those who could not yet speak for themselves. She earned her CPSS and practiced as a recovery coach while she completed her master’s degree in social work from the University of South Carolina. Abby is currently licensed by the state of South Carolina as an Independent Social Worker in Clinical Practice and has been certified as a Master Addiction Counselor.

Abby answered several FAQs about the new support group.

1. What are the benefits of attending a grief and loss support group?

2. Who should attend Living With Grief and Loss?

3. What can attendees expect at the meetings?

4. What can happen if you avoid grieving?

Abby strives to bring a renewed inspiration of hope and encourage others who feel they have lost their way, question their relationship with alcohol or other substances, or want to improve their mental health. She strives to provide individuals with the tools to sustain empowered life through engagement, education, and bridging of the mind, body, and spirit connection. Abby works with individuals and families, providing support, accountability, and empowerment to find purpose and peace.

As the founder of Two Wolves Collaborative, Abby guides others toward developing harmony by providing strengths-based support and partnership to cultivate an individualized mosaic of recovery.

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